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How To Get to Epcot From Fort Wilderness

Disney Fort Wilderness Resort

Suppose you’re camping out at the Disney Fort Wilderness Resort and Campsite. In that case, you can easily visit the Disney parks from the site, thanks to the resort’s convenient transportation options.

So how do you get to Epcot from Fort Wilderness? Well, there’s more than one way!


Disney World’s Fort Wilderness Resort is a homage to America’s beautiful national parks.

Whether you’re staying in a cabin or camping, you can get to Epcot and back with these transportation options:

  • Bus
  • Boat to Magic Kingdom followed by monorail ride to Epcot with change at Ticket and Transportation Center.
  • Lyft Minnie Van or Uber.

If you have your car, you can drive to Epcot!

This article details transportation options from Fort Wilderness to Epcot at Disney World Resort in Florida.

How To Get to Epcot From Fort Wilderness?

You can go to Epcot from Fort Wilderness Resort and Campsite in your car, bus, boat, or the monorail. You may even be able to use Uber or Lyft to get to the park.

Here’s everything you need to know:

1. By Bus

Disney Bus

If you don’t have your car or have one but don’t want to drive, the easiest way to get to Epcot from Fort Wilderness is to use a Disney Bus. You can find buses going to Epcot at the Fort Wilderness Outpost Depot.

The journey is free and takes about 15 to 20 minutes. There are signs as to which buses are heading toward Epcot. Buses to other theme parks (except Magic Kingdom) also leave from here.

2. By Boat and Monorail

Disney World Monorail

A longer, rather scenic option to get to Epcot is via Magic Kingdom by boat and monorail. From Fort Wilderness marina and boat launch pier, you can take a boat to Magic Kingdom.

You must take the monorail to the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC). At TTC, another monorail runs to Epcot.

This journey takes an hour or even 90 minutes at times.

3. By Lyft Minnie Van/Uber

Minnie Van

A quicker option is to take the Lyft Minnie Van, which costs $25 or more and can accommodate up to six people. But, again, this is a good option for larger parties.

Lyft Minnie Vans are somewhat expensive. So if you’re trying to save money and haven’t a big party to take to Epcot, take Uber instead.

How To Get to Fort Wilderness From Epcot?

The same transportation options can be used when heading from Epcot to Fort Wilderness. You can go by Disney bus or take the monorail to TTC and then Magic Kingdom, and from there, take the boat to Fort Wilderness dock.

You can also return to Epcot by taking a Lyft Minnie Van or Uber.


Getting to Epcot from Fort Wilderness is easy. If you’re short on time, I’d recommend taking the bus or calling an Uber. However, if you have time, consider taking the boat-monorail combo journey, which is quite scenic.

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