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Where to Get Macarons in Disney World

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Disney World, known as the “happiest place on Earth”, is not only famous for its enchanting theme parks but also for its wide array of scrumptious treats. Among these delights, the delicate and delicious macarons stand out. So, where can you get these sweet meringue-based confections in Disney World? Let’s find out.


You can get macarons in Disney World at several locations including Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie in EPCOT’s France Pavilion, Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs, and the Garden View Tea Room. These locations offer a variety of flavors, including traditional and unique seasonal ones. Dietary-specific macarons are also available at certain locations.

Top Locations to Buy Macarons in Disney World

Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie

Located in the France Pavilion at EPCOT World Showcase, Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie is a must-visit for macaron lovers. Here, you can find a French Macaron Trio, which includes flavors like Blackberry, Raspberry Lime, and Chocolate Orange. You can also find individual macarons, including a Mickey-shaped macaron, which is a delight for both the eyes and the taste buds.

Amorette’s Patisserie

Another spot to satisfy your macaron cravings is Amorette’s Patisserie in Disney Springs. This high-end pastry shop is known for its exquisite, handmade desserts, including a variety of macarons. Their five-count box includes flavors like Pistachio, Espresso, Caramel Sea Salt, Chocolate, and Passion Fruit, which are sure to delight any macaron enthusiast.

Garden View Tea Room

While not as well-known as the other two locations, the Garden View Tea Room is a hidden gem where you can find delicious macarons.

Unique Macaron Flavors in Disney World

Disney World is not just about the classic macaron flavors. It also offers unique and special edition flavors that are worth trying. For instance, at the France Pavilion in EPCOT, you can find seasonal macaron ice cream sandwiches at L’Artisan des Glaces, with flavors like Raspberry Sorbet Swirled with Vanilla Ice.

Amorette’s Patisserie at Disney Springs has also been known to offer seasonal macarons during the holiday season. Keep in mind that these offerings may change over time, so it’s always a good idea to check for the latest seasonal treats during your visit.

Macarons for Those with Dietary Restrictions

Disney World is known for accommodating guests with special dietary needs, and that includes macarons. Gluten-free macarons are available at Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie in EPCOT’s France Pavilion. Vegan macarons have been offered at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa during the holiday season. It’s always a good idea to ask the staff about available options when visiting the parks and resorts.

Customer Reviews of Macarons at Disney World

The general customer review or reception towards the macarons at Disney World is overwhelmingly positive. Customers have praised the taste, texture, and presentation of these delicate pastries. The plant-based macarons at Artist’s Palette in Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa, for instance, were well-received for their smooth and creamy texture, and their nice crunch.

In conclusion, Disney World offers a variety of locations and options for macaron lovers. From traditional flavors to unique seasonal offerings, there’s something for everyone. So, the next time you find yourself in Disney World, make sure to indulge in these delightful treats!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are macarons?

Macarons are a type of French pastry that consists of two almond meringue cookies sandwiched together with a filling, typically a ganache, buttercream, or jam.

How much do macarons cost at Disney World?

The cost of macarons at Disney World varies depending on the location and the type of macaron. However, they generally range from $5 to $10 per macaron or per set.

Can I buy macarons online from Disney World?

Currently, Disney World does not offer online ordering for their macarons. They are only available for purchase in the parks and resorts.

What are the hours of operation for these macaron locations in Disney World?

The hours of operation may vary for each location and can change seasonally. It’s best to check the official Disney World website for the most up-to-date information.

Are there any other places to get macarons in Disney World?

Yes, there are other locations in Disney World that occasionally sell macarons, including various festival booths at EPCOT and some resort bakeries. However, the availability of macarons at these locations can vary.

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