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What Time Are Magic Kingdom Fireworks in November?

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In the magical world of Disney, few experiences compare to the Magic Kingdom’s stunning fireworks display. Known for its mesmerizing colors, heartwarming music, and captivating storytelling, the Magic Kingdom Fireworks is a must-see spectacle for any visitor. But when is the best time to witness this dazzling display in November? Let’s find out!


The Magic Kingdom Fireworks, also known as Disney Enchantment, typically takes place at 8:15 PM in November. However, showtimes can change due to weather and special events, so it’s recommended to check the official Disney World website for the most current information. During November, there’s also a special holiday-themed fireworks show during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party on select nights.

Magic Kingdom Fireworks Schedule in November

In November, the Magic Kingdom Fireworks show, popularly known as Disney Enchantment, is typically scheduled to take place at 8:15 PM. However, it’s important to note that showtimes can change due to various factors, including weather and special events. Therefore, it’s always recommended to check the official Disney World website or other reliable sources for the most current information on showtimes before your visit.

Special Fireworks Shows in November

November is a special time at Magic Kingdom, as the park starts celebrating the holiday season with Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. This event takes place on select nights from November 9 to December 22, 2023, and features a unique holiday-themed fireworks show known as “Minnie’s Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks.” The exact time of this special show may vary, so be sure to check the schedule for the specific date of your visit.

Choosing the Best Spot for Viewing

Arriving early and choosing a good viewing spot are essential for the best fireworks experience. Popular viewing locations include the front and center of Cinderella Castle, near the Partners Statue, Hub Grass, “The Hump,” the end of Main Street, and Tomorrowland Terrace. However, these areas can become crowded, so consider arriving at least 45 minutes to an hour before the show starts to secure a good spot.

Weather Considerations

The weather in November can influence the fireworks schedule. Adverse conditions such as heavy rain, strong winds, or lightning can lead to the cancellation or postponement of the fireworks show. Therefore, it’s essential to check the weather forecast before your visit and have a backup plan in case of unfavorable weather.

Enhancing Your Fireworks Experience

To make your fireworks viewing experience even more memorable, consider these tips:

  • Bring earplugs or noise-canceling headphones: Fireworks can be loud, especially for young children or those sensitive to noise.
  • Be prepared for crowds: The Magic Kingdom fireworks are immensely popular, so expect large crowds before and after the show.
  • Don’t rush out after the show: Exiting the park immediately after the fireworks can be chaotic due to the large crowds. Instead, consider taking a leisurely stroll, grabbing a snack, or enjoying a less-crowded attraction before leaving the park.
  • Capture the moment: If you want to take photos of the fireworks, use a tripod and set your camera to a small aperture (like f/16) for longer exposures. This will help you capture the bursts and explosions as they spread across the sky.

In conclusion, the Magic Kingdom Fireworks is a magical experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. By planning ahead and following the tips mentioned above, you can enjoy a memorable night under the enchanting Disney sky.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of the Magic Kingdom Fireworks show?

The Magic Kingdom Fireworks show, Disney Enchantment, typically lasts for approximately 15 minutes.

Are the Magic Kingdom Fireworks included in the park admission?

Yes, the Magic Kingdom Fireworks are included in your park admission. There is no additional cost to view the fireworks. However, special event fireworks like those during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party may require a separate ticket.

Is there a FastPass available for the Fireworks show?

As of now, Disney has paused the FastPass system due to the pandemic. However, previously, there was no FastPass available for the Fireworks show. Guests are advised to secure a good viewing spot early.

Can I view the Magic Kingdom Fireworks from outside the park?

Yes, there are several locations outside the park from where you can view the fireworks. Some popular spots include the beaches of the Polynesian Village Resort, the Contemporary Resort, and the Grand Floridian Resort.

What time does Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party start and end?

Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party typically starts at 7 PM and ends at midnight. However, specific times can vary, so it’s best to check the official Disney World website for the most accurate information.

Are there any dining packages that include reserved viewing for the fireworks?

Yes, Disney offers several dining packages that include reserved viewing for the fireworks. One such package is the “Fireworks Dessert Party at Tomorrowland Terrace.” Be sure to check the Disney World website or call Disney Dining for the most current information and reservations.

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