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What Types of Lizards Are at Disney World?

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What comes first to your mind when you think of Disney World?

Personally speaking, when I think of it, my mind is transported to a magical place with beautiful princesses, amazing characters, and thrilling rides. However, while all these things mentioned are a big part of Disney World, it is not confined to them only.

Did you know that Disney World is home to several reptiles? Other than those on exhibit, many others can be found roaming freely while you stroll in the parks.


Famous princesses, amazing attractions, and thrilling rides are a big part of Disney World, but it is not confined to them.

In this article, we have types of lizards found in Disney World.

  • Komodo Dragon
  • Other free-roaming lizards, mostly Anoles

Moreover, here are a few other insects and animals you might see on your next trip to Disney World:

  • Bugs
  • Love Bugs
  • Snakes
  • Rabbits
  • Ducks
  • Alligators

In this article, we will go through the kind of lizards found in Disney World.

Types of Lizards at Disney World

1. Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon At The Animal Kingdom

Komodo Dragon, also known as Komodo Monitor, is the giant lizard in the world. Only found in the Indonesian Islands of Rinca, Gili Motang, Flores, and Komodo, these lizards can be up to 3 meters long and weigh up to 70 kilograms. These strong creatures can withstand the harsh weather conditions of their tropical habitat.

This species is on the verge of extinction because of the destruction of their habitat due to natural disasters, their illegal hunting, and the shortage of large prey. This is why their well-being is the priority for the Disney team. Through their Disney Conservation Funds, they have been sponsoring initiatives to save endangered species throughout Asia since 1995. Read more about it here.

Here is how these creatures are kept happy and healthy away from their original home at Disney World.

  1. They are kept in a perfect replica of their natural habitat. A combination of flatlands, steep slopes, and lots of water resources has been created to give them the environment of the Indonesian Islands.
  2. For veterinary care and visual inspection, these lizards are made to enter plastic carriers through positive reinforcement. Once they are in the carrier, it is easy for the experts to weigh and inspect them effectively.
  3. Komodo Dragons need to regulate their body temperature for their well-being. This is why the artificial habitat built for them has burrows, water streams, and trees to keep them cool. There are also some sunny places which help them to stay warm.

2. Other Free Roaming Lizards

Green Anole

Apart from the reptiles exhibited in Animal Kingdom, you will find tons of others making their way through the parks. And most common among them are lizards.

Anoles are very common in Florida, and we are sure you will find a few at your Disney resort and parks. You may find them near the wait lines of different rides. But don’t worry, as they are entirely harmless. Instead, they are scared of people. So if they think you are moving close to them, they will run away. Usually, they are non-threatening and don’t bite, but it is recommended that you stay at a distance from them.

Some other reptiles and animals you may encounter are as follows:

  • Although Disney is very serious about getting rid of the bugs, it is still impossible to wipe them all. Therefore you may meet a few during your trip.
  • When it is the season (May and September), you may find a few love bugs. They may be in the parks and resorts, but they are harmless and don’t bite.
  • There is no evidence of seeing a snake at Disney World, but since Florida has them, it is advised for you to stay away from them (if you notice any).
  • If you stay at any of the Disney resorts, you will probably see a few rabbits nibbling on the lawns.
  • You may also see some ducks in the resort’s pools since they can swim there (Disney lifeguards allow them)
  • Any Alligator is never seen at Disney World, but Florida has them, and they are mostly found underwater. Since lakes and canals can have them, therefore fence has been installed to stop people from going close or wading in water.

If you have known allergies to bugs or any other wild insects, you can avoid them by sitting away from trash cans and greenery. Still, it would be feasible for you to pack your anti-allergy medications while preparing for the trip.


So, this is all about the kinds of lizards you might find in Disney World.

You might see others too, but don’t panic since Disney is already aware of these animals and won’t let them become a hazard or danger to its visitors.

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