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Which Rides Do You Get Wet on at Disney World?

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Disney World is a place where dreams come true, filled with thrilling rides, magical experiences, and a splash of fun. Among the many exciting rides, some can leave you with a refreshing spray of water, while others might get you thoroughly soaked. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the wet rides at Disney World, along with some handy tips and tricks to keep you dry.


The rides where you can expect to get wet at Disney World include Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids, which are known for their large splashes, and Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station, a water play area. Other rides like The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, Muppet Vision 3D, Avatar Flight of Passage, and Jungle Cruise might get you a bit wet due to water effects or minor splashes.

The Wettest Rides at Disney World

There are several water rides at Disney World where you can expect to get wet, some of them include:

  1. Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom) – This log flume ride, based on the story of Br’er Rabbit, features a five-story plunge into the Briar Patch that can leave you quite wet.
  2. Kali River Rapids (Animal Kingdom) – This river rafting ride takes you through a jungle landscape, where geysers and waterfalls can result in a potential soaking.
  3. Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station (Magic Kingdom) – This is a water play area where everyone, especially kids, can expect to get wet.

Wet but Not Soaked

There are other attractions where you might get a little wet, such as:

  1. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin (Magic Kingdom) – This ride features a spitting camel that might get you a bit wet.
  2. Muppet Vision 3D (Hollywood Studios) – This 3D show has a few water effects that might cause a light spray.
  3. Avatar Flight of Passage (Animal Kingdom) – This ride simulates flying on a banshee and has some water effects.
  4. Jungle Cruise (Magic Kingdom) – This boat ride takes you through a jungle filled with animatronic animals and a few splashes.

Staying Dry on Wet Rides

You might be wondering if it’s possible to enjoy these rides while staying dry. Here are some tips:

  1. Choose your seat wisely – Some seats, especially in the back, might stay drier than others.
  2. Wear a poncho or rain jacket – This can protect your clothes from getting wet.
  3. Bring a change of clothes or shoes – If you don’t want to walk around in wet clothes or shoes, bring a spare pair.
  4. Use lockers – Some rides offer lockers where you can store your belongings to keep them dry.


As with any ride, safety should be your top priority. Always follow the ride’s safety instructions and heed any warnings. For example, some rides have height restrictions, while others may not be suitable for guests with certain health conditions. Also, if you’re not a strong swimmer, consider wearing a life vest on the water rides.

Seasonal Changes

Be aware that some rides may be closed for maintenance or due to weather conditions. Always check the park’s official website or app for the most up-to-date information before your visit.


Whether you’re looking to cool off on a hot day or just seeking a thrilling experience, the water rides at Disney World offer plenty of fun. So grab your poncho, secure your belongings, and get ready for a splashing good time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of the year to visit Disney World to avoid rain?

The best time to visit Disney World to avoid rainfall is typically during the winter months from December to February. However, weather can be unpredictable, so it’s always a good idea to check the forecast before your visit.

Are there any rides that are closed during the winter months due to the cold?

Most rides at Disney World, including the water rides, remain open year-round. However, closures for maintenance can occur at any time of the year. Always check the park’s official website or app for the most current information.

Are ponchos and rain jackets available for purchase at the park?

Yes, Disney World does sell ponchos and rain jackets in various shops throughout the park. However, they can be a bit expensive. To save money, consider bringing your own from home.

Is there an extra charge for using lockers at the rides?

Yes, there is typically a small fee for using lockers at Disney World. The cost depends on the size of the locker and the duration of use.

Do the water rides at Disney World operate during rain?

Most water rides at Disney World continue to operate in light rain. However, in the event of thunder or lightning, all outdoor rides, including water rides, may temporarily close for safety reasons.

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