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How Long is the Safari in Animal Kingdom?

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom is renowned for its immersive and authentic safari experience, known as the Kilimanjaro Safaris. This remarkable attraction takes visitors on a thrilling journey through the African savannah, offering unique wildlife encounters and stunning scenery. But how long does this safari adventure in Animal Kingdom last? Let’s dive into the details to give you a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.


The safari in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, known as the Kilimanjaro Safaris, typically lasts between 18 and 22 minutes. However, the exact duration can vary depending on a variety of factors, such as animal activity on the safari route. In some cases, the safari can extend up to 30-40 minutes.

Kilimanjaro Safaris Duration

The Kilimanjaro Safaris, known as the crown jewel of Animal Kingdom, typically lasts between 18 and 22 minutes. However, the exact duration can fluctuate depending on a variety of factors. For instance, if an animal decides to take a leisurely stroll on the safari route, it can extend the safari duration up to 30-40 minutes. Despite these occasional delays, the safari guides are expertly trained to navigate the open-air vehicles through the terrain, ensuring a smooth and engaging journey throughout.

Other Safari Tours in Animal Kingdom

Apart from Kilimanjaro Safaris, Animal Kingdom offers other safari experiences with varying durations:

  1. Wild Africa Trek: This is a privately guided VIP tour that lasts approximately 3 hours. It provides an in-depth exploration of the park’s wildlife and habitats.
  2. Backstage Safari Tour: This behind-the-scenes tour takes you through the regular Safari ride and then moves on to the backstage area to see barns, animals, and caretakers. The duration of this tour may vary depending on the experience.

What to Expect During the Safari Tour

The main attractions during the Kilimanjaro Safaris include a guided tour of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve, where you can encounter real African animals such as elephants, lions, giraffes, rhinos, gazelles, crocodiles, and more. The safari takes you through various landscapes and environments, providing a diverse and immersive experience.

The Best Time for Your Safari Adventure

The best time to experience the Safari tour for maximum enjoyment is either early in the morning or at sundown. During these times, certain animals are more active, and there is enough sunlight for you to comfortably see them. However, there isn’t a “bad” time to enjoy the ride, as the animals are accustomed to people and will often “show off” for the tour.

Making the Most of Your Safari Tour

To maximize your safari experience, consider the following tips:

  • Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather.
  • Hydrate and apply sunscreen, especially during peak sun hours.
  • Bring a camera or smartphone to capture the experience.
  • Ask questions and engage with the safari guides.
  • Be patient and enjoy the journey, every safari ride offers a unique experience.

Preparing for Your Safari Tour

The Kilimanjaro Safari tour does not require any special preparations. The ride is suitable for all ages and does not have a height requirement. The safari vehicles can hold up to 36 passengers, with each row seating up to 5 guests. There are no seating restraints. However, the ride may be bumpy due to the simulated rutted mud roads and bridges, so if you have any health concerns, consult with a medical professional before participating.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the safari in Animal Kingdom is an adventure that lasts approximately 18-22 minutes, but the memories you make will last a lifetime. With a variety of experiences and interactions with wildlife, the safari tour offers a unique opportunity to explore and understand the natural world. So, pack your camera, put on your sun hat, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the wilderness of Animal Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the Kilimanjaro Safaris?

The Kilimanjaro Safaris is included in the general admission ticket to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There is no additional charge for this attraction.

Is the Kilimanjaro Safaris wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the Kilimanjaro Safaris is wheelchair accessible. Disney’s Animal Kingdom provides a range of services for guests with mobility disabilities.

Are there any age restrictions for the Kilimanjaro Safaris?

There is no age restriction for the Kilimanjaro Safaris. It is suitable for all ages.

What happens during bad weather or rain?

The Kilimanjaro Safaris typically operates in light to moderate rain. However, in case of severe weather conditions, the safari may be closed temporarily for the safety of guests and animals.

Can I feed the animals during the safari?

No, guests are not allowed to feed the animals during the safari. This is to ensure the health and safety of the animals.

How many people can go on the safari at once?

The safari vehicles can hold up to 36 passengers at once.

Can I take pictures during the Safari?

Yes, guests are encouraged to bring a camera or smartphone to capture the experience. However, flash photography is not allowed as it can startle the animals.

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