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What Is the Least Visited Disney Park?

Simba And Pumba Statues At The Animal Kingdom.

A trip to Disney World is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things many people look forward to, especially kids. For this reason, most parents are willing to spend thousands of dollars to give their little ones the magical experience of a lifetime.

However, not all parks offer the same experience. Each of Disney World’s parks has unique attractions and themes waiting for you; some are just way more popular among visitors than the rest.

If we were to talk about the most popular Disney World park, that title would belong to Magic Kingdom. With a whopping average of 57,000 visitors daily, Magic Kingdom experiences massive crowds regularly. But which park is the least visited? That’s what we’re going to find out here.


Despite being the biggest theme park of the four parks in Disney World, Animal Kingdom tends to receive the least visitors annually and daily. Yet, this 580-acre park is the biggest theme park in the world.

Unfortunately, it’s nowhere near Magic Kingdom regarding the number of visitors it receives. Still, being hailed the least visited Disney Park isn’t that bad. If you’re someone who doesn’t like huge crowds, then Animal Kingdom would be your best option to visit.

With this, you and your family can enjoy more space while walking around, alongside shorter wait times, less crowded attractions, and more.

Just being it’s considered the least visited Disney Park doesn’t mean Animal Kingdom is no longer worth visiting.

The Least Visited Disney Park

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

According to statistics, Animal Kingdom only received around 38,000 visitors on average every day back in 2022. The park’s maximum capacity isn’t known, but it’s speculated that it can hold up to 60,000 people. And since it’s very rare for it to hit its limit, it’s also considered the less crowded park.

In that sense, if you’re looking to avoid huge crowds, it’s a good idea to visit Animal Kingdom with your family. This remains true even during weekends, as there’s not much difference when it comes to crowds.

The Best Day To Visit Animal Kingdom

Expedition Everest At The Animal Kingdom

Considering Animal Kingdom receives the least visitors daily, you can visit it any day of the week without dealing with huge crowds.

Of the four theme parks in Disney World, Animal Kingdom is one that you can visit once and be okay with not visiting again. While it offers some exciting thrill rides, such as Expedition Everest, the rest of your adventure involves hours of walking. It’s no doubt that the park’s main attractions are the animals, but to be honest, no one wants to spend too much walking around at a glorified zoo.

That said, by far, the best day to visit Animal Kingdom would be Wednesday, considering it has the shortest wait times out of all the other days of the week.

The worst would be Monday and Saturday, but the crowds you’ll see during these days aren’t as massive as the ones you can see at other theme parks.


Despite being considered the least visited park, Animal Kingdom still has plenty of exciting attractions that you can visit. Apart from the animals, you also have rides like Avatar: Flight of Passage and Exhibition Everest.

You also have other family-friendly rides like Kali River Rapids and Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. However, since most people visit Disney World to experience a magical experience, that would explain why Animal Kingdom receives the least visitor out of them all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Disney World Theme Park Has the Least Attractions?

That also belongs to Animal Kingdom, and it’s probably another reason it’s the least visited park out of the four. It also has the least rides available at only eight.

That said, if you want to spend just one day visiting a Disney World theme park, we recommend Animal Kingdom.

Which Is the Most Visited Disney World Park?

On the contrary, the most visited park would be Magic Kingdom. Back in 2021 alone, the park received more than 12 million people. This makes it the most visited park in the world.

However, this figure has gone down quite a bit. Before the pandemic, the park received more than 20 million avid visitors.

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