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How Long is Splash Mountain at Disney World?

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Splash Mountain, a beloved log flume attraction at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, has captivated guests for decades with its charming animatronic characters, catchy tunes, and thrilling drops. But how long is Splash Mountain at Disney World? Let’s delve into the details.


Splash Mountain at Disney World is approximately 2,600 feet or 792.48 meters long. A typical ride on Splash Mountain lasts around 11 minutes and 45 seconds from start to finish, excluding any pre-shows or waiting times in the queue. This makes it one of the longest rides in the park.

Length and Duration of the Ride

Splash Mountain at Disney World stretches a considerable 2,600 feet or approximately 792.48 meters. This impressive length makes it one of the longest rides in the entire park. However, the length is not the only impressive aspect of this attraction. A typical ride on Splash Mountain lasts approximately 11 minutes and 45 seconds from beginning to end. This doesn’t include any pre-shows or waiting times in the queue.

Unique Features of Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is more than just a long ride. Its unique features and landmarks contribute to the overall experience and make it a must-visit attraction in the park.

  1. Animatronic Characters: With over 100 audio-animatronic figures, the ride tells the story of Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, and Br’er Bear, based on the animated sequences of the 1946 Disney film “Song of the South”.
  2. Hidden Mickeys: Keep your eyes peeled for hidden Mickeys scattered throughout the ride.
  3. The Drops: The five-story drop is the longest and most thrilling part of the ride.
  4. Zip-A-Dee Lady Riverboat: This colossal animatronic prop is part of the ride’s grand finale.
  5. Songs: Iconic songs like “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah,” “Ev’rybody’s Got a Laughing Place,” and “How Do You Do?” enhance the storytelling aspect of the ride.
  6. Ride Layout: The ride starts with a peaceful outdoor float-through, followed by indoor dark ride segments, and ends with a steep drop into a “briar patch” and an indoor finale.

Comparing Splash Mountain to Other Disney Rides

Compared to similar rides in other Disney parks, Splash Mountain is one of the longer ones. For instance, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Magic Kingdom is 8 minutes and 30 seconds long, and the Haunted Mansion ride is 7 minutes and 30 seconds long.

Design and Engineering Considerations

The ride’s length required several design and engineering considerations, including safety measures, cost-effectiveness, and physical constraints. These considerations ensure the ride operates smoothly and provides an exciting and safe experience for guests.

Changes in the Ride’s Length Over the Years

Over the years, the length of roller coaster rides has significantly evolved due to technological advancements, safety considerations, and the desire to provide more thrilling experiences. However, the length of Splash Mountain at Disney World has remained consistent since its debut.

The Length’s Contribution to the Ride Experience

The length of Splash Mountain contributes to the overall ride experience by allowing a detailed and engaging storyline. The combination of storytelling, animatronics, and thrilling water ride elements creates a unique and memorable ride experience.

Noteworthy Incidents and Events

There have been several noteworthy incidents related to Splash Mountain, such as accidents and the ride’s closure due to controversies. Disney has announced the reimagining of the ride to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, set to open in late 2024.

In conclusion, the length of Splash Mountain at Disney World plays a significant role in the overall guest experience. From the engaging storyline to the thrilling drops, this long ride offers an unforgettable adventure in the Magic Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions

When did Splash Mountain officially open at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom?

Splash Mountain officially opened at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on July 17, 1992.

What is the height requirement to ride Splash Mountain?

The height requirement to ride Splash Mountain is 40 inches (102 cm).

Can you get wet on Splash Mountain?

Yes, you can definitely get wet on Splash Mountain. The final drop into the “briar patch” can cause a significant splash that may soak riders, especially those sitting in the front of the log.

What is the maximum speed of Splash Mountain?

The maximum speed of Splash Mountain is about 40 mph (64 km/h), which is reached during the final drop.

What is the reason behind the reimagining of Splash Mountain to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure?

The reimagining of Splash Mountain to Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is a response to longstanding criticism of the ride’s connection to the 1946 film “Song of the South,” which has been criticized for its portrayal of African Americans and its romanticized view of the post-Civil War South. The new ride will be inspired by the 2009 film “The Princess and the Frog,” which features Disney’s first African American princess, Tiana.

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