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What To Bring to Disney World in February

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February is one of the best times in the year to visit Disney World in Florida. The parks are less packed, and the weather is quite pleasant by Florida standards.

It’s also the month for Valentine’s Day. So what should you bring to Disney World in February? I’ll give you all the answers!


In February, Orlando temperatures range from the lower 50s to mid-70s degrees Fahrenheit.

So, if you’re visiting Disney World in February, consider bringing the following:

  • T-shirts (preferably long-sleeved), shirts
  • Pants or leggings
  • Closed-toe shoes and socks
  • Swimwear
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses

Don’t forget to check the weather before leaving for your trip!

This article shares what you should wear to Disney World in February and what you should bring with you as per the weather.

What’s the Weather Like in Disney World in February?

The Winter Forest Is Covered In Snow And The Icicles Shine In The Sun

February is a winter month in Florida, typically the second coldest month. While it’s not as cold as the North East or the Midwest, the temperatures can go low enough for layering.

In February, the average high temperature (daytime) is 75 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the average low temperature (nights and mornings) is 52 degrees Fahrenheit.

So nights in February in Orlando can be quite chilly. There’s very moderate rain in February, with an average of 2.4 inches.

This is why February is a good time to visit Disney World, as the weather isn’t hot or humid, as it’s like for most of the year in Central Florida.

There are few to no thunderstorms, which means no chance of disruptions.

What To Pack for Disney World in February?

As you see, February is a colder time to visit Disney World, so you must dress accordingly. There’s no joy in roaming around the parks feeling cold.

This list should help you bring appropriate clothing, shoes, and accessories for your vacation:

1. T-Shirts or Button Down Shirts

This Young Adult Teenage Boy Is Dressed In Blue, Looking Very Casually Dressed

As you’re on a Disney vacation, you want to be comfortable. So like the rest of the year, t-shirts are the go-to for February.

I recommend keeping a long-sleeve t-shirt or button-down shirt handy in the evening when the mercury exceeds 60 degrees.

Sweatshirts can also be great for this time of the year as they’ll keep you warm and comfortable.

2. Pants

Young Woman Wearing Stylish Jeans Pants On Light Background

Shorts are great for Disney World, but it’s best to bring some pants for the winter months.

Even if you’re a shorts guy or gal, I’d recommend bringing pants if it’s chilly or you decide to visit one of those fancier Disney restaurants.

Ladies, you can also bring a pair of leggings, especially for daily use. The leggings will keep you comfortable as you explore the parks. Plus, they’ll look great!

3. Closed-Toe Shoes (Preferably Sneakers) and Socks

A Pair Of Women Shoes Round Toe Pumps, Has Regular Styling

February isn’t an ideal time to wear sandals at Disney World, so I recommend bringing comfortable closed-toe shoes and warm socks.

Consider wearing sneakers, especially those designed for walking. Your feet will thank you!

4. Jacket/Hoodie

Joyful And Smiling Group Of Teenagers In Trendy Denim Clothes Sitting On A White Studio Background

Packaging a light jacket or hoodie for your Disney World trip in February is very important. The temperature can drop to almost 50 degrees, and it may feel even colder if windy.

You can wear lighter outerwear like a windbreaker, sweater, or hoodie to keep yourself warm, especially in the evenings.

Pack some jackets for the kids, as you don’t want them to feel cold!

5. Hat

Girl In A Straw Hat Outdoors

Also, consider packing a hat to keep your head warm, especially for your walks around the resorts and parks at night. Something light and stylish should do the job!

6. Swimsuit

Woman's Beach Accessories

Although February is colder, you may still want to enjoy the water park or the many pools. At least one of the water parks would be open during winter.

Plus, all the pools in Disney World are heated. So if you’re staying in a Disney property with a pool, you can enjoy a swim even in February.

7. Sun Protection

Female Hands With Sun Protection Cream On Sky Background

It’s mostly sunny in Orlando during February, so sun protection is necessary.

You should pack sunscreen with SPF 20 or higher and use it when visiting the parks during day time. You can also bring sunglasses or a sun hat.

Valentine’s Day at Disney World!

Pack something nice and formal if you’re visiting Disney World on Valentine’s Day. Disney World has great restaurants, many of them with incredibly romantic ambiance.

Disney World also offers in-room babysitters, so you can leave the kids in the room to enjoy your date.

  • Gentlemen: Pack a formal shirt and a jacket that you can pair with formal pants or denim, as you prefer.
  • Ladies: Pack a fancier top or dress, preferably made of thicker material, so you don’t feel cold.


February is slightly cold in Disney World, so you should bring warm clothes and accessories. Aside from the usual t-shirts, pants, and sneakers, consider packing a jacket, hat, and warm socks.

Also, don’t forget the sunscreen. It doesn’t rain frequently, so you don’t need to pack an umbrella or poncho.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Crowded Is Disney World in February?

Disney World is relatively less busy in February, as there aren’t any major holidays this month except Presidents Day.

Also, schools and colleges are on, so crowds with kids are fewer. This is why February can be a great time to visit Disney World if you want to avoid crowds.

However, weekends may still be busy, especially preceding Presidents Day.

Are There Any Special Events in Disney World in February?

There are special events taking place at Disney World all year round. In 2023, the International Festival of the Arts is taking place in Epcot from January 13, 2023, to February 20, 2023.

You can check the Disney website to see if any special events are happening when you’re planning to visit.

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